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Our Top 5 ADU Design Projects in 2021

The Housable team worked on many ADU design projects in 2021, here are a few that stood out as our favorites.

With more than three hundred ADU projects designed and permitted in California it was hard for our team to choose favorites. While every Housable ADU project presents a unique design challenge, some projects rise to the top of our list because of our team's novel solutions. These top 5 ADU projects in 2021 showcase features we think you might find interesting. Enjoy!



Detached ADU in Fullerton in a Cul-de-sac



This Fullerton homeowner wanted a simple but cozy, detached ADU for guests but space was limited. The property owner knew roughly the size of ADU they wanted to build and that they wanted a one bedroom unit, so we designed an open concept home with an EV charger and washer dryer unit for guests comfort.

Read the case study here to learn more about how we designed the best solution for this 740 square foot, 1 bedroom/1 bath built on-site ADU.



Attached ADU in Watsonville with Unique Design Requirements



The challenge of this project was to match the existing design of the primary dwelling while staying within the limitations of the space.

Read more here about how we optimized this 416 square foot 1 bedroom ADU to allow for more space in the ADU as well as to allow for a more regularly shaped unit.





Detached ADU Over Garage in San Jose in Flood Plain


Housable_ADU_Design_Completed_2-story_1The homeowner was concerned about privacy sightlines since the ADU would be located uphill from the primary residence, and the property was also located in a flood zone which meant that additional requirements will apply. The existing garage was demolished and the new structure was designed to meet FEMA flood standards.

Read more about how we designed this 700 square foot, two-story ADU located in a flood hazard area in San Jose.



Garage Conversion ADU in Bell Canyon in Fire Hazard Zone



This Bell Canyon garage conversion was located in a high fire hazard area and the homeowner wanted the space to be multipurpose including a media room. The final studio included a bathroom and efficiency-kitchen with separate access.

Read here for more details on how we addressed design standards set by the homeowner including a unique ceiling solution.




Detached New Construction Poolside ADU in Orinda



This homeowner wanted to add an ADU concurrently with a pool adding permit planning and coordination complexity. There were also several existing easements on the property which required surveys prior to the approval of the ADU building permit.

Read more about Housable's design solution for this ADU pool house in Orinda. 




You can read more about some of Housable's other ADU projects here

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