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ADU Trends in Long Beach, California

In an increasingly urbanized world, ADUs can be a great way to provide more housing in a vibrant city. By focusing on ADUs, cities can help meet their housing goals and provide housing for all. ADUs are a growing trend in Long Beach, the seventh largest city in California as of 2022. There is almost 1 ADU for every 800 residents!

Long Beach ADU design by Housable

Between 2016 and 2018,  the City Council approved a series of regulations making accessory dwelling unit construction easier including updating their General Plan to encourage ADU development, approving zoning change for ADU construction near transit hubs. The most recent ADU related legislation allows for ADU construction and conversion on almost all residentially zoned parcels. 

Long Beach has also allocated funds to help homeowners remodel existing accessory dwelling units for affordable housing. The city’s plan focuses on creating more affordable housing for families, especially those making less than 50 percent of the area’s median income. The city’s plan also calls for creating more affordable housing near transit as a way to get more people to live without cars. In Long Beach, 19.8% of the new housing units in 2020 were ADUs! That’s over 350 units built, and the city expects to see even more. This is pretty impressive considering that the city had a 12% ADU permit rate in 2018, and 19% in 2019. 

While garage conversions are popular throughout the state, Long Beach has seen a general trend of increased square footage with average new construction and expansion estimated at around 500 square feet. Permit valuations are almost 20 percent less expensive than the state average for all ADUs. These ADUs are really helping Long Beach meet its ambitious housing goals. An ADU is a great way to get more housing in the city, without requiring a huge amount of new construction. Plus, if you’re a homeowner, it’s a great way to build a second income stream for your family.

There are several reasons why ADUs are gaining popularity. They are an affordable option for homeowners looking to earn some extra income. ADUs provide equity to homeowners who would otherwise be unable to afford a second house. ADUs can provide a place for aging family members or out-of-town guests to stay, while freeing up the main house for the homeowners. 

ADUs are a great way for homeowners to increase their property value. The median home value in California is $530,000. The median home value in Long Beach is $800,000, which is significantly higher than the median home value in Los Angeles County ($580,000). The increase in value is likely because ADUs give homeowners an additional source of income. ADUs also help homeowners remain mobile and close to family and friends.

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